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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo typography studies by iamalwayshungry found here.

12.7.2012   #design  #The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  #Typography   ❤ 6

Posters for the festival of San Fermin famous for the Running of the Bulls. These are some of my favourites and they and more can be found here.

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Great project to create a design based on and around the word ‘Aloha’ everyday. Check out all the designs here, but above are some of my favourites.

11.6.2012   #design  #Project Aloha   ❤ 1

Click the pic for some great tips.

11.6.2012   #design  #web design  #adobe photoshop   ❤ 2

I love Tumblr (I mean both my personal and design blogs are set up on the platform) but is anyone else really frustrated by their brand/UI inconsistencies across all platforms?

Just to give a few examples see their web, android app, iOS app, and the mobile web version on an ipad above. 

10.6.2012   #design  #User Interface  #User Experience  #Tumblr UI  #Tumblr UX  #UI  #UX  #Tumblr   ❤ 1

Different faces of NYC’s metrocard. 

10.6.2012   #design  #metrocard  #MTA   ❤ 13

In honour of the start of UEFA’s Euro 2012 visit Brandia Central's website, the company behind the look of the tournament, to see the decisions behind the branding. 

10.6.2012   #design  #logo  #Euro 2012   ❤ 1

The refreshed Adobe Creative Suite icons for CS6, and each piece of software’s unique look celebrating it’s own user’s creativity.  

8.6.2012   #design  #Adobe CS6  #Adobe   ❤ 3

Really interesting website/article by Ralf Herrmann about the process leading up to the release and the design of his font Wayfinding Sans Pro typeface. 

3.5.2012   #design  #Typography  #Ralf Herrmann  #Wayfinding Sans Pro  

“In New York, when the temperature drops, the hunger rises. Those who are on a mission to elevate their game will tell you their journey begins right now. The only way to dominate the summer is to grind through the winter. Because here, the summer may be when legends are born – but now is when they’re built.” #makeitcount

Nike doing awesome things as usual; renovating the unused Masaryk Towers Community Center Gym in the Lower East Side into NYC’s exclusive members-only state of the art hoops facility. Check out the Kellen Dengler shot 30 second taster here.

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